timeless rock

Paradise Road

Produced 2006 by John Abius


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Songs of SOUTH-WEST-WIND includes always

a kind of magic.




No matter if it's something of rhythm, a special riff, a melody line, a great sound of instruments or what ever. Each song has to have something like magic. Then songs will be produced till the end. And finaly it's your decision, your musical taste to enjoy the songs of the band.


Produced 2010 by John Abius


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Silent Ocean

Produced 2014 by John Abius

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Kaiserslautern, May 2017



The Band is back on the internet with theire new design. Hope you enjoy.

It is a lot of work to prepare everything make a new design. We keep it simple, that's the main thing. Even we got much information and news to face it up. At the moment we are preparing also our new stage programm with the currently line up. But it takes time, Stay patiently


And additional important is, we're still working on our homepage, it means not everything is already finished or perfect, We will improve it step by step.


More News coming soon


coming soon...








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